I love the 1940's, vintage fabric, sewing, handmade stuff, indie design, green business, supporting other artists, and pies cooling on the windowsill! I blog about artists who interest me, no strings attached, no freebies required. You will not find giveaways or advertising on this blog, just (hopefully) useful projects and inspiration.

Piecing, appliqué, and needlework are family traditions that my farm-raised mother and grandmother passed along to me growing up. I took my love of fabric and sewing a step further and was formally trained in apparel design at RISD. After graduating, I worked for 15 years in the fashion industry of New York City where I witnessed the wasteful, cutthroat ways of mass fashion, but learned the right way to make things at the same time. I have designed sweaters, casual sportswear, and apparel fabrics for women & children for various companies over the years.

Finally, I chucked most of it to start a family. Now I strive to live a slower paced life with my husband and two children here in beautiful Delaware. I still do work here and there for big companies, but now I have time to appreciate the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. I've gone back to my roots, making things with my own hands that have a soul to them and are easy on the earth.

My little company chirp & bloom is my latest endeavor where I indulge my love of vintage fabrics and thrifting. I've got lots more bees buzzing around in my head, so I probably won't stop there. Whatever things evolve into, here is where I'll work it through.

Thanks for stopping by!