antiquing in berlin, maryland

Monday, September 19, 2011

Emma & Nana at the Hotel Atlantic
While on vacation this summer near Ocean City, Maryland we found a new place of interest to throw into our mix of days lounging on the beach and nights overeating the most unhealthy food imaginable: Berlin, Maryland. The quaint little town is quite close to Ocean City Maryland, just 9 miles from the Route 50 Bridge, near the intersection of Route 113.
It has a traditional main street (and it is even called Main Street) lined with Victorian brick buildings, and just beyond, has white clapboard homes that scream "small town America!". So much so, that the town has been the location for two Hollywood movies requiring a small town America backdrop: Runaway Bride (1999), with Julia Roberts & Richard Gere, and Tuck Everlasting (2002). And believe me, the town hasn't forgotten it. Posters and mentions are allover the local deli, Rayne's Reef. I just glanced at the Tuck Everlasting trailer since I wasn't familiar with it, and it takes place in the 1800's with horses and carriages, so they must've had to bring in dirt to put on the streets to make it look old. That would've been fun.
Fun for me, though, really means rummaging through old stuff, and there was plenty of it on Main street. There are two antique malls: Town Center Antiques and I think the other one is called Stuart's Antiques, but I'm not positive. I even bought something there, if only I could find the receipt. There is also Culver's Antiques specializing in Victorian light fixtures, if you're into that kind of thing, and Toy Town specializing in vintage toys. There are probably more that I missed because I had limited time. Darn kids wanted to go to the beach, but I did manage to get some pictures.
I was looking everywhere for a life size doll before I found Penelope, my vintage department store baby mannequin, on Etsy. (I'll take a picture of her in my booth when I go to Crafty Bastards next month).
Perfect for my imaginary beach cottage!
Happy travels!

savoring the change of seasons at terrain

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We had gorgeous Indian summer weather this past weekend after the tropical storm passed! Perfect, because we had family visiting, an outdoor wedding to attend, and time to go exploring as well. The day after the wedding festivities, we took in the Brandywine Festival of the Arts, then decided to see what the Terrain at Styers garden store had on display.
Terrain is owned by the same group that owns Anthropologie. Need I say more? You know the displays are gonna be good! A few years back, they purchased the venerable Styers Nursey in Glen Mills, PA as an experiment, then transformed it into the stylish purveyor of plants, furniture, accessories & gifts that it is today. There is even a cafe featuring local organic fare. There are supposed to be more stores in the works based on this flagship.
one of the outbuildings
Some people miss the old Styers which was more of a hard core gardener's nursery with a huge selection from the common to the exotic.
sedum, etc.
The plant selection is definitely pared down now, but what I like about the place is how they make even the most common plants look good through thoughtful pairings and compelling displays.
asters and anemone
Mums, pansies, asters, and sedum never looked so good!
coleus & potato vine
A feast for the eyes!
rustic shovels
white pumpkins

 Inside the main building is where most of the accessories & gifts are found.
dried flower & herb wreaths

velvet pumpkins
a coffee table book

one-of-a-kind stool
cast iron acorn
It's all notoriously pricey, but we always manage to walk out of there with something ;)

fall festival season is here!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

With hurricane Irene passed (we had a crazy night evacuating the studio) and a definite shift to cooler weather this week, I am excited for fall and the shows I will be exhibiting chirp & bloom in soon. I am very proud to have been accepted into the Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair in Washington DC! I attended the 2009 & 2010 shows as an enthusiastic shopper/blogger and am still processing the disbelief that I will be a vendor this year on Saturday October 1. I feel like the geek who just got invited to hang out with the cool people. The last two years, the weather was Indian summer-like on the 1st weekend of October, so let's keep those fingers crossed for a 3rd year of the same!
After having so much fun at the Clover Market in Ardmore, PA last June, I signed on to do 3 more shows with them this fall ("them" being Janet Long and her wonderful group of volunteers). Read about how the market got its start here.The shows are one Sunday per month starting on September 18th. Next is October 16th, then November 6th. Even if I weren't going to be a vendor, I'd hop on over there to shop anyway. It's a great group of vintage & antiques dealers mixed with handmade sellers set up in a parking lot along the up-and-coming main street. It's not actually called Main Street, though, it's East Lancaster Ave (12 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA, 19003 if you want to program that into the GPS).
Finally, although I am not an exhibitor, I will probably head over to  Brandywine Park in downtown Wilmington (next to the zoo) on September 9th/10th to take in the Brandywine Festival of the Arts. I attended last year and thought it much improved over previous years now that local arts mogul Barry Schlecker has taken it over. It will be a fun activity to do with the relatives who will be staying with us that weekend for a family wedding.

Come out in the nice weather and support your local arts!