savoring the change of seasons at terrain

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We had gorgeous Indian summer weather this past weekend after the tropical storm passed! Perfect, because we had family visiting, an outdoor wedding to attend, and time to go exploring as well. The day after the wedding festivities, we took in the Brandywine Festival of the Arts, then decided to see what the Terrain at Styers garden store had on display.
Terrain is owned by the same group that owns Anthropologie. Need I say more? You know the displays are gonna be good! A few years back, they purchased the venerable Styers Nursey in Glen Mills, PA as an experiment, then transformed it into the stylish purveyor of plants, furniture, accessories & gifts that it is today. There is even a cafe featuring local organic fare. There are supposed to be more stores in the works based on this flagship.
one of the outbuildings
Some people miss the old Styers which was more of a hard core gardener's nursery with a huge selection from the common to the exotic.
sedum, etc.
The plant selection is definitely pared down now, but what I like about the place is how they make even the most common plants look good through thoughtful pairings and compelling displays.
asters and anemone
Mums, pansies, asters, and sedum never looked so good!
coleus & potato vine
A feast for the eyes!
rustic shovels
white pumpkins

 Inside the main building is where most of the accessories & gifts are found.
dried flower & herb wreaths

velvet pumpkins
a coffee table book

one-of-a-kind stool
cast iron acorn
It's all notoriously pricey, but we always manage to walk out of there with something ;)


Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I absolutely LOVE Terrain at Styers! Makes me wish I had a lot of money to spend to make my house have that "feel". I have a poinsettia from there from last year - that is still alive. Green (not red) but alive and doing great. Have a few other plants and items to use for displaying my jewelry that were great finds during one of their sales… Love the pics you took!

Becky said...

That's funny Marsha- when I was writing the post I thought of you and was pretty sure it was your kind of place ;)

The Tiny Abode said...

Ahhh... who doesn't love Terrain!! Isn't that barn fabulous!? I love the plants growing out of the walls!

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