crafty bastards 2010: fall fashion

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty Bastards, it wasn't easy getting to you this year, but thanks to a good GPS and some perseverance, we made it. The fair took place on October 3rd, the same day of the Obama ralley. The Memorial Bridge was closed and traffic was snarled, but we made it!
printed & appliquéd felt headbands by Casey Dywer of Candy Thief
Mom came along again as my side-kick because we had such a good time last year buying Christmas gifts. If you care about supporting the arts, handmade, shopping local and finding unique things, you will really enjoy the new craft fairs out there today. The indie ones, like Crafty Bastards, have unexpected, quirky, and up-to-date items. If you go to one, keep in mind some general craft show etiquette. Don't go into someone's booth and say "I could find that cheaper at Target" or " I could make that myself". Have some common sense and manners! A lot more goes into designing, making, and presenting the work than you think. I guarantee you none of the artists is getting rich doing this. Support them. BUY something!
Malagueta by Rachel Sherman
As usual, there were many choices of jewelry, screen printed tees, bath & body, stuffed toys, and paper goods. I focused on fashion items this time. There is such energy and innovation going on in the indie world as you can see in this meticulously executed cut-out applique skirt and asymmetrically rouched top by Rachel Sherman of Malagueta.
Malagueta by Rachel Sherman
Vibrant appliqué and machine topstitch embroidery on another skirt from Malagueta. Rachel's skirts are all one-of-a-kinds.
So She Sews by Brooke Helfen
These clever tops are upcycled from sweaters by Brooke Helfen of So She Sews. The bottom rib of the sweaters now form the tops of the camisole. Ruffled rosettes are fashioned from the excess.
Supermaggie by Maggie Kleinpeter
A stunning face-framing felted scarf/wrap by Maggie Kleinpeter of Supermaggie.
 "Moths" by Supermaggie
In addition to felted scarves, Supermaggie screen prints images of nature on dresses, tees, and hoodies.
Rocks and Salt
Hats are back! Phil & Sara of Rocks & Salt rock the jaunty newsboy look. Hit their online shop for a taste of Brooklyn.
Eve Van Dalsen
Eve Van Dalsen's booth featured bags and belts made from remnants of leather that might otherwise have been discarded.
Eve Van Dalsen
Because of this, most of Eve's pieces are one-of-a-kind, and she carries a huge variety of colors and textures.
Lily Thayer Derrick and Coralie Meslin of Coralilie
Cheerful, one size fits most, wrap-around jumpers by Coralilie. Cute over a tee, they were almost sold-out before lunch. What the heck- it's still warm enough! Coralilie is Lily Thayer Derrick and Coralie Meslin of Baltimore.
Candy Thief by Corey Dywer
In addition to the pretty headbands at the beginning of this post, Corey Dywer of Candy Thief makes these happy pieced skirts that include vintage fabrics.

See you again next year Crafty!

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eve said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the shout out. I had such a great time. What a talented group of people, I was honored to be among them!

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