rosemary luckett's altered terrain exhibit

Monday, October 4, 2010

I happen to have a very talented mother, Rosemary Luckett. We just got back from the opening of "Altered Terrain", her first solo show at Touchstone Gallery since it moved to a better, brighter, spiffier location on New York Ave in Washington, DC. It will run until October 30th.
Touchstone Gallery
Rosemary is an innovative contemporary fine artist working in the conservative Washington DC area. No easy feat. Her current work is about the radical changes man has made to the land and makes connections between the altered terrain and the often absent people who transform it.
"Slipping Away" and "Eden" by Rosemary Luckett
She has worked in many media over the years, but the work in the show is primarily collage, drawings, and assemblage sculpture.
"Robot's Cradle" by Rosemary Luckett
My daughter actually named this one when Rosemary was stuck for a title: "Robot's Cradle".
Emma pondering "Lost" by Rosemary Luckett
Kids really respond to the work.
Initially children see the ducky imagery and think its funny, but when the contrast of the man-made and the natural is explained to them, they actually get the point. My daughter is only 9 and was captivated by the show and seemed to understand the metaphors.
"Halo" by Rosemary Luckett
Even my little guy who is not quite 5 yet wanted to get in on the action. He didn't seem to be into the exhibit at the time, but the next day he begged to be taken into grandma's studio to make some art.
"Wood" by my little boy
This is what he made.

It is a challenge finding your niche whatever it is you make. I read somewhere that when you make something unique, you don't want to try to reach thousands, but reach those very few out of a thousand that resonate with your work. Being in the generation I am in, my first instinct is to go online, have a website, use social media, etc. My brothers and I have helped set Mom up with a website, Etsy shop, and Facebook page. Mom, however, prefers showing in galleries, having open studio once in a while, and sending mailings to people who sign her guest book. It is true that it is very hard to sell fine art online. Nothing beats seeing the work in person. But if you can't be there in person...

I would love to know what works for other fine artists. Feel free to comment!


maria said...

It looks like your mom's show is great!!!
I love Ben's piece, too.

kimba said...

Love the art! Your mom is amazing. But DC = conservative? Since when?

Becky said...

Well I haven't taken a poll lately, but that is the lament of all my Mom's modern artist friends. In DC, the people who can afford original art want traditional representational art.

kimba said...

Ah, I thought you meant *politically* conservative! That makes more sense :)

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