the joy of sewing

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Check out these exuberant women apparently filled with the simple joy of making stuff with their Singer Touch and Sew 750 sewing machine (circa 1970). I haven’t sewed that much lately, but I am hoping to channel these women who seem so thrilled to be making chic shift dresses and sporty jumpsuits. This is the cover of the manual of the machine I received as a high school graduation gift from my parents. The machine was bought used, but it’s one of those all-metal workhorses that can take a beating. It’s never let me down, even in my four years of at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I sewed around the clock. Funny, I’ve never actually consulted the manual or tried to use the knobby donut things it came with that I see now are called embroidery cams. I’ll have to give these things a whirl to see what can be done with them. I’ll let you know if anything cool results.

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Anonymous said...

"White linen is the paper of [housewives], which must be on hand in great, well-ordered layers, and therein they write their entire philosophy of life, their woes and their joys." Gottfried Keller, 1854

And so it goes across time and place. The fabric of life woven and sewed...threads and

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