in love with mexican oilcloth

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the basement clean-out process, this forgotten cupboard that was full of ancient paint cans, cobwebs, and mold of course, was unearthed. 
It got the royal anti-mold scrub-down, paint, and new Mexican oilcloth to cover the old  shelves. Now it is the ultimate sewing supply cupboard. Note that everything is flood-safe, encased in plastic and off the floor. You can't be too careful!

I ordered the oilcloth from Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz, California, one of my new favorite retail fabric sources.  My friend Patrice, in Santa Rosa, first introduced me to Mexican oilcloth's charms.  It's a California thing.  It's still made in Mexico. Something about it is so much more appealing than regular tablecloth vinyl. It has criss-crossing fibers in it that give it strength and texture, but what really sets it apart is the many vintage-style patterns it comes in, some of which are re-prints from engravings dating back to the 1930's.  I went safe with orange gingham for the cupboard (it comes in many shades in the gingham), but I'm in love with the splashier patterns. I need to think of some other projects to use then for that would really show them off... any ideas?

"Lucy, I'm home!"

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