chirp & bloom spring photo shoot

Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to the lowest budget photo shoot ever!!! I hope it doesn't look it, but I am not a trained photographer, have no equipment but a tripod and an 8 year-old digital camera with a delay as slow as molasses. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers, a few pairs of footless tights, and some snacks, I now have photos of my wares on bodies! Thank you to my very agreeable little accomplices!
"jumble" skirts
These pieced skirts are made from scraps of reclaimed clothing as well as new fabrics, about a 50/50 mix. They are easy to wear, with a delicate lingerie elastic waist. A tiny crochet lace trim finishes off the hem.

"rosebud" dress
 The 100% cotton gingham of this dress is new, but the appliques are of reclaimed material. Wear now with a turtleneck and leggings, later without the layers.

"shirt skirt"
I have been making these skirts out of the stacks of shirts I have been collecting from my thrift sources. The variety of color available is amazing! I keep the plackets and pockets intact and add on a contrasting waistband with adjustable elastic in the back. I went ahead and lined them in cotton lawn trimmed with an eyelet ruffle that just barely peeks out at the bottom.

More to come...

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Jenny said...

Gorgeous! I love the skirt made out of mens' shirts. If I had a girl, I would totally buy these clothes...

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