shopping in nyc: fishs eddy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Did some more window shopping in NYC when I was up there recently. This window at Fishs Eddy on Broadway at 19th stopped me in my tracks. It hit a little close to home! (Zoom in to read the speech bubbles). A successful window forces you to go into the store and this one did.
I forgot how much I used to love this store. This is where I got my single gal dishes: vintage dinerware with a magnolia flower in the center. They still carry some vintage- you can tell by the incomplete sets- but not as much asthey used to.
Most of their stock is reproduction now, but it is very convincing and displayed like a general store. Or at least how you'd hope a general store would look back in the day, but probably didn't.
They really load on the nostalgia here. The emotional pull is irresistible.
You absolutely can't leave without buying something.
They are just as good at the lifestyle approach as Anthroplogie & Terrain.
An "Alice in Wonderland" vignette. Not their usual dinerware thing, but it works.
These flea market-style oil painting portraits are lurking everywhere. They must be faux, but very well done faux. They give the store that flea market feeling (minus the dust and hunting through mostly junk part).
More funny windows...
I'll miss you NYC. Until next time...


kimba said...

Oh, this looks so lovely and inspiring. I need a trip to New York! I know this must sound absurd, but I'm so torn between New York and Paris. J and I love them both, and in the post-military retirement "where to live" contest these two cities, so similar in so many ways, are nearly always neck and neck. Maude knows how we'll ever choose.

Jayne said...

Love it!!!

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