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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I sneaked out of the house yesterday, kid-free, to run a boring errand and, drunk on freedom, couldn't resist making an extra stop at our local resettlement shop, The Annex Marketplace. They clean out people's homes who are downsizing or who have died and then sell the stuff out of a warehouse dangerously close to my house. It's only open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday every other week, so sometimes I forget to go.
They have all kinds of furniture and housewares, but I usually head straight upstairs to the textiles. I couldn't resist this springy sheet set. I'm liking 1970's- looking Springmaid-ish florals these days.
This doily was so pretty, I had to get it also.
A stack of heavy linen napkins caught my eye. I nabbed them with a vision of a tote bags...
This little piece charmed me as well. It could become a tiny little accent pillow. Don't like the lace though.

PS-don't tell my husband why I took so long!


Sage Way Designs said...

Hi Becky! I stumbled across your shop on Etsy and then saw that you're in Wilmington (so am I!), so I hopped over to your blog. I think your posts are great and I have a question about The Annex Marketplace, if you don't mind answering... Do you usually negotiate when shopping there? I'd like to take a visit there but didn't know the protocol. Thanks so much! Stephanie

Becky said...

Hi Stephanie- No, there is no negotiating, at least on the small ticket items I buy, at the Annex. It's prices as marked, but they are pretty cheap.

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