a very etsy birthday

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I celebrated a very nice birthday last week starting off the morning with one of my items being featured in a front page treasury on Etsy!
I've become easier to buy for now that I've been making treasuries and bombarding my family with them. Mom & Dad gave me this card from a sweet little Etsy store called {paper & type}, which goes nicely with the pretty poppy tee they gave me.
It's from another Etsy shop called Uzura. I had featured the shirt in a treasury a while back, so they knew I would like it.
Then I kind of bought myself something... these hand block-printed birds from Anna See on Etsy as well. To make these muticolor block prints requires several blocks, careful registration, and skill by the artist.
I had bought the robin a couple of months ago and loved the texture of it and the little details. She inspired my robin coin purse. After I got it, I knew I would have to buy a few friends for her. My intention is to create a sort of aerie using the birds in our attic guest room once the repairs are finished.
This is the "before" of the room. The futon bed has to stay because of the narrow turned staircase leading to this room. I'll keep the side tables too. I'm thinking of making a padded headboard and hanging the birds above. I'll have to think of a cool way to frame them so the deckle edge of the paper shows.
But first these leaky window wells have to be repaired once the weather warms up a bit more. This will be our 4th try with yet another contractor! It's always something with an old house. Hopefully they will be fixed by the time I am done with the Art Star show and have time to devote to the project...


oh, buckets' blog said...

happy belated birthday!
ooh - I like your gifts...had to go in and favorite that lovely t-shirt shop! and, I *love* bird art...the pictures are darling...can't wait to see them in the room!

suzanne cabrera said...

A feature on the Etsy front page! That is a birthday present! Love looking through your blog and your style. Wishing you much luck with your first craft show. Your work is sure to be a success!

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