up and running in the studio

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The studio is still a work in progress, but it's up and running.

I bought two 8-foot x 30" folding tables from Office Max to use for laying out and cutting. They can be folded up and stashed to make the basement back into a roller rink if I want to. It sure beats the dining table where I kept having to shift my fabric around and was continually bumping my head on the chandelier. The rug is a plastic outdoor floor mat by KOKO that I got online at Outora. If it floods, no worries!

Meet "Lucy", my sweet new child size 5 professional dressform. I lucked out and snagged her on ebay for $50! It's got a cast iron base and linen body. I keep pinching myself because these things cost 7 times that new! We had her in the dining room for a while which was a little disconcerting, since she is headless and all. Now she lives in the studio. I'm on the hunt for a mom-size one now.

This is where I plan to spend the winter. I am loving being able to keep my machines out and ready for action. On the right is my trusty 1970's Singer Touch and Sew 750, and on the left is my new serger, another ebay find. It's a used Husquvarna Viking Huskylock 936 (that's a mouthful). I was afraid to touch it for the first month I had it. Then I attempted to absorb the manual and my brain almost exploded. Finally, I broke down and got lessons which turned out to be a time-saver in the end. I'll do a review on the machine after I fool with it a little longer.

For earlier studio pics, click here and here.

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