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Thursday, December 3, 2009

OK, it's the first week of December, so if you're sending holiday cards, now is the time to get it going! After emailing, facebooking, texting, and tweeting (well I don't tweet, but it seems like lots of people do) all year long, it's nice to utilize snail mail for a change and send out holiday cards. From the receiving end, I can confirm that the time involved in the choosing, writing, and mailing is worth it. I love getting the cards and especially appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary ones. Olds folks particularly love getting them because it might be the only time they hear from us all year!

And the next best thing to making them yourself... a short browse on yields almost too many great handmade and limited edition cards to choose from. From the irreverent to the refined, here are my picks:
I love this series from dippy lulu that plays off the famous "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" British wartime poster circa 1939.

I wish I had time to sit by the fire and knit up some cards like these from Vermont-based Alderwood.

The imperfections make this silk-screened card from Port Hope Press special, plus it's a little silly. A bonus: the paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The letterpress technique makes the simple nondenominational sentiment stand out this card by Kirtland House Press. You can feel good that the paper is 100% recycled cotton and the ink is soy-based.

More letterpress from Yee Haw out of Tennessee. Such attitude!

Did I mention I love letterpress? Fugu Fugu Press has many sweet yet modern designs all on recycled paper using soy-based ink.

And last but not least, this card from tinaseamonster is, in her words, "perfect for your post-goth lifestyle". I'm all over it! Live for today!

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Dippylulu said...

I'm also a letterpress junkie and enjoyed your picks. Beautiful! Thanks for including me in such a great collection.

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