snowy day get-together

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow is rare enough in Delaware that we get excited over just a few inches. This weekend Mother Nature gave us a good 14 inches, and folks were in a happy tizzy over the novelty and sheer beauty of it.

The snow was not enough for Beth to cancel her annual holiday greenery party. Her 1850's farmhouse with its white-blanketed grounds provided the perfect setting for a cozy afternoon of cookie-eating, gingerbread coffee-sipping, craftiness, and conversation.

Cuttings of boxwood, pine, and rosemary, all snipped from the property, were available for arranging. Florist foam was soaked in water, and placed in tins or other watertight containers. The kids especially loved poking the greenery into the foam and adding glitzy wired ornaments.

The rest of us worked on fattening up for the winter.

Mmmmmm... homemade goodies.

The live Christmas tree will be planted on the grounds after the holiday.

An upper window.

Perfect winter afternoon!

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