another day in the garment district

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last week, before I gorged myself on indie craft coolness at the Renegade Brooklyn Craft Fair, I spent Friday mucking around the NYC garment district. It was a long overdue visit since the last one was all the way back in October.
I acquired a nice stack of cotton yarn-dye checks and stripes because I like them as backgrounds for applique (I hate that poly/cotton stuff). I also stocked up on some citrusy cotton poplins in colors I never see in quilting cotton. The garment district is about apparel fabrics after all. Most of my finds were from Mood, which I'd never been to before. It's upstairs in the Bricken Arcade building at 225 West 37th (between 7th & 8th). It was a mini trip down memory lane because I used to work on that same block and go in that building often. I even recognized the elevator guy (they still have the old-fashioned human-operated elevators) who took me up to the second floor. Mind you, it's been over ten years- a long time to spend your days going up and down in an elevator.
Next, I went a little crazy with the ric rac at Daytona Trimming at 251 West 39th (between 7th & 8th).
I don't think there is a better selection of cotton ric rac anywhere in the world. Every size/every color. Yum!
Stopped by Pacific Trimmings at 218 West 38th (between 7th & 8th) because I remembered they had purse hardware. I'd like to try my hand at some purses. They have the metal frames for clutches as well as many types of handles, chains, hook, rings and other stuff that I couldn't discern the function of.
Yes, Mood is somewhat of a tourist attraction thanks to the Project Runway reality show. People were buying t-shirts as souvenirs. No, I did NOT get one, even though I am a total PR nerd!

"Thank you Mood!"

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