brooklyn renegade 2010, part II: such prettiness

Monday, June 7, 2010

There was so much to see at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend, that I had to pace myself in getting all the photos up. See part I here for Fathers' Day gift ideas and now for part II! I'm filing these delights under "wish I'd thought of it first", all of which were made in the USA by hand. Enjoy!
Wren handmade has the most delicate crocheted accessories you've ever seen! Laura Normandin uses the tiniest gauge crochet hook to fashion her mini flowers. I bought one of these hair pins for my daughter, but now I don't know if I will give it to her. I can't trust her not to ruin it or lose it.
These happy women's skirts from orangyporangy of course caught my eye. The designer, Natalie (who happens to have bright orange hair), and I share a love for vintage tablecloths, feedsacks, and other linens. She does such a stellar job with her piecing and has a great eye for color, thanks to her background in graphic design.
Folks, is this not the most beautiful quilt on earth? I "hearted" it a while back on Etsy and got a jolt when I rounded the corner and saw it in the snowdrop booth. Diane used to be a painter- now she "paints" with fabric.
Pure cheerfulness from Michelle Cavigliano of My Zoetrope.
Smoothie break! Only in Brooklyn: bicycle-powered blender!
Giant Dwarf had a tempting display of hair accessories and knit hats with felt flower appliqués to wear jauntily to the side. Sue Eggen doesn't use that icky polyester felt from a big box store that shall remain nameless, but a very nice wool & rayon blend felt that she also sells on its own.
Scrumptious yarns from Travelling Rhinos. Makes me want to knit something even though it's 90 degrees outside.
Took home this petite original pencil and watercolor drawing by Drew of The Maple Ridge. I chose one without the potty mouth sayings (tee hee- tempting though). I think it will make a darling baby gift.
I spent some time in Polly Danger's fresh, pretty booth of notions and other irresistible soft goods. If you need floral bias tape or covered buttons, see Polly. Had to get a few calico button magnets that I didn't know I needed for the studio...
Letterpress love! Breck Hostetter and Matt Heindl of Sesame Letterpress displayed their bright, vintagey images on coasters and cards. They are known for their custom stationery, invitations, announcements, and business cards all printed in Brooklyn on 100% recycled cotton fiber paper using antique presses.
Cross stitch makes a comeback at chez-sucre-chez. Crafty Kimberly Scala gives traditional needlework a modern twist, stitching initials and leaving them in the hoop. They are available à la carte to spell out whatever you want. Love the Smiths song lyrics piece on her site.
The much anticipated "punk rock marching band", the What Cheer? Brigade. Fun and festive all around!

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