overdue baby gifts

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally! Those overdue baby gifts are done!
I rationalize that the gifts are for when the child is older, so I take my time. I want the child to get some wear out of whatever I make, so I rarely make anything smaller than 18 months size for my gifting. I picture them wearing the stuff when they are old enough to walk and go places and not spit up on themselves every 5 minutes. Although that spit-up age is so very precious, I think a boatload of bodysuits is more useful then.
I made this appliquéd dress for my cousin's little Gwenyth. I actually got inspired by this card I bought over a year ago from Sugar Paperie at one of the indie shows. Baby girls get so overloaded with pink. Why not yellow for a change?
This one is for my friend's baby Lillie. I just love these old-fashioned names! This friend appreciates vintage textiles, so I thought the vintage pillowcase dress would go over well. This type of pillowcase dress that I invented with permanent ties and elastic instead of a drawstring fits the little ones so much better. Now that I know how to make padded hangers, I include one with every gift dress to give that extra boutiquey oomph.

Now I'm warmed up for spring...


Jes - oh, buckets said...

hello! so *excited* we were featured in the same treasury this morning...I have been catching up on your lovely blog and loving every bit of your Etsy shop!

Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by Jes! I went to your darling shop also. I'm a sucker for kraft paper too ;)

Ethan Hutchinson said...

The wait is truly worth it! Those overdue baby gifts are beautiful. Thanks to the yellow and pink tandem, they are matching colours perfect for babies.

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