marie claire idées: babouchkas

Monday, January 3, 2011

I recently discovered that my local Borders Books now stocks the French magazine Marie Claire Idées!
I used to get it from a fashion newsstand in the NYC garment District years ago. Back then it only came out twice a year. Now it's every 2 months which makes me happy, but unfortunately the foreign magazines are so delayed getting here to the US. This spread is from the Nov-Dec issue which just arrived and I don't think I'd do any better with a subscription.
This Russian folkloric matryoshka doll theme reminds me of one of the stalls I photographed at the Union Square Holiday Market. I see a lot of fabrics (mostly Japanese) printed with the doll motif on Etsy as well, so it's not a brand-new trend.
I still think it's a fresh-looking take on folkloric which never seems to go away.
My high school French is just enough to get the gist of the articles.
But even if you didn't know any French, this magazine can be appreciated just as eye-candy.
Charming even with the taxidermy animals!

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