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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The family's been enjoying another quilt from Mom's stash of Grandma's handiwork. Someone in the family needs to do an official count of how many quilts she's made- starting with at least one for each of her 25 grandchildren.
Mom & I are a lot like Grandma in that we always like to have a project to keep the hands busy. I feel restless if I sit down to watch a movie and don't have any hand sewing to work on.
This quilt was probably made in the 1970's with Grandma's 1940's sensibility.
The charming naiveté of the motifs makes me think of the 1940's.
How busy farm women like her found time to do quilting & needlework is a mystery to me.
She also made day-of-the-week dish towels for everyone, but I'm afraid mine are in bad shape from use.
I've been snapping up embroidered dresser scarves and hobby embroidery with a similar feel whenever I see fun ones at the vintage store. I think they will make great pillows. Who uses dresser scarves anymore, right?
I was procrastinating doing the backs because I don't love doing buttonholes. Then Mom had the idea of using the plackets of dress shirts (of which I have plenty). SHAZAM! It works perfectly and adds an element of surprise.
And while I'm on this recycling kick, why not repurpose my serger scraps for pillow stuffing?
I'll get some listed in the shop soon hopefully. I think they'll go over well at my upcoming craft shows too!

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oh, buckets' blog said...

using the shirts for the back - so smart! and the outcome, adorable!

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