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Monday, July 18, 2011

I just completed a major deep cleaning of the studio! I just can't think when there's too much chaos, and I need order with the busy fall I have ahead... I just was notified that I am showing at the Clover Market in Ardmore, PA three dates this fall: September 18, October 16, & November 6. And I'm waiting to hear from an additional show somewhere else in October. I'd also like to do a show or two for the holidays. That means a lot of sewing & new designs ahead. I also have the finishing touches to put on our attic guest room renovation which has been dragging on forever and a flower girl dress to make for a family wedding in September. A clean studio is essential.
My fabric piles are the first to get out of hand.
I'm trying something new: using a folding board. The kids actually thought it was fun and wanted to help. For regular yardage, the procedure is to first fold the fabric lengthwise, selvedges together. Then fold the other way until you have an easily manageable piece roughly the size above.
My board is just a scrap of foam core that happened to be 1/3 the width of my fabric shelves, so it makes pieces that fit 3 stacks per shelf perfectly. I also have a smaller board for fat quarters and small scraps. Now all you do is fold the fabric over the board, and pull it out.
Fold the piece back on itself one last time and that forms a nice clean edge that will face out on the shelf.
And while I'm at it, it just feels satisfying to put my bobbins and thread in color order.
And why not the embroidery floss? There's just something about rainbows...
What the heck, here's a tour of the rest of the studio... Newly unearthed, a place for a friend to sit, visit, and peruse back issues of Marie Claire Idées and Domino
I've added a dedicated shipping station, so everything I need to send packages is in one spot. It can get crazy around the holidays and I'm determined to stay on top of it.
Individual bins for projects in progress keep things orderly. Each bin holds all the elements for one item, so labels & trims stay with the right piece. If I have more than 6 projects going at once, I know I'm in trouble.
Finally, a clean sewing station. I learned my lesson about the importance of a clean sewing area the hard way. It only takes one dirty smudge on an almost finished garment. I just don't have time for that!


oh, buckets' blog said...

your space looks amazing! you've inspired me to add a shipping area to my own office - love it!

ThatGirl said...

I recently saw instructions (on Pinterest) for folding fabric uniformly and they used a 6" wide quilting ruler as a folding board. http://turningturning.com/tutorial-folding-fabric/
I love the idea because a) I happen to have one of those b) It's plastic and should stand up to a lot of folding c) 6 inches should allow me a double stack in my cubbies and d) it's a good number for me to estimate yardage from. :)
All in the hopes of attaining the kind of order and beauty in this post. :)

Becky said...

Go for it! Folding fabric uniformly is oddly satisfying. And you can fold while watching Glee or John Stuart or whatever ;)

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